We produce Pallmann mills in India for the rotational moulding industry

A good start is already a leap ahead to a good finish !

High quality powder with a good bulk density, powder profile and flowability is the key to a quality moulding.

We provide excellent quality maintenance free PALLMANN mills for the rotomoulding industry along with our machinery all over the world.

The PKM 450 is a work horse that delivers adequate LLDPE powders at 300 to 350 kg/hr in the most trying conditions of temperature and humidity. The PALLMANN delivers what it commits.

It is also capable of grinding other materials such as PP, Nylons, PET etc without modification but with different outputs.

Visit Pallmann website: www.pallmann.de


“The Reinhardt four- arm machine just keeps on producing and producing with zero downtime.”
Mr Simon Gough- Gough Plastics

“Downtime on my two Reinhardt in the last three years is 30 minutes and that too because the factory roof was leaking.”
Mr Wayne Wiid- Pioneer Plastics, South Africa.