Roto Machines

Fully Automated Three/Four arm Machines

Independent ARM - Series RSU Turret machines with fixed arms - Series RSO/RSX
(patent pending)
  • Probably the fastest machines in the world.
  • Capable of taking any arm out of turn into the oven.
  • Flexible and adaptable to a variety of products at the same time.
  • Fast cooling and heating times.
  • The slowest step in the machine is the operator !
  • Ready for hook up to internal temperature monitoring systems such as the Templogger.

  Gas/Diesel/Duel Heated Sintering Oven

  Multiple Cooling cum Load Unload Station

  Mould Carriers Offset and Straight

  Operator Panel

  Control Panel

  Turntable for fixed arm machines and independent carriages for shuttle and independent arm machines

Semi-Automated closed oven rock & roll machines

These machines are custom built to suit application.

  1. For Kayaks and Boats
  2. For Pipes and Manifolds
  3. For Lining of chemical vessels and ducting
  4. For very large tanks from 20,00l to 50,000 liters.

These are semi-automated consisting of a heating station i.e. the oven which is also rocking 80 degrees in total (40 degrees on each side) using fully automated burners and a very powerful airflow system. We can also create various temperature zones as well as air flows in order to reach difficult area of the mould.

The rocking movement and the oven top movement is with Hydraulics and the rolling movement is with electric motors with the frequency controller to adjust the speed and to start and stop the big moulds softly.

Once the heating is over the mould is lifted with the crane and is moved to a separate cooling station. Thus a new cycle can begin in the oven.

Number of these machines are installed all over the world.

Series RO


“Downtime on my two Reinhardt in the last three years is 30 minutes and that too because the factory roof was leaking.”
Mr Wayne Wiid- Pioneer Plastics, South Africa.

"In terms of service know how and support we are extremely happy with Reinhardt"
Mr. Rajan Handa- OK Play India

“Reinhardt has always guided us and helped us out with the process and products way beyond expectations.”
Mr. Vijay Naik- Radical

“The Reinhardt four- arm machine just keeps on producing and producing with zero downtime.”
Mr Simon Gough- Gough Plastics

“You buy a machine from Reinhardt, they are more than your partners.”
Mr Kobus Van Dyk- Sinvac, SA

“The fuel savings and efficiency alone pays for the machine before you make your next balance sheet.”
Mr John Hogan-Superior Jetties, Au